Bara Orisha

It is the Orisha who receives their offerings first. Nothing is done without prior please Bara, for he is the intermediary between men and the Orishas, ​​owns the keys that open or close paths. Problems that require quick and immediate solution will be handled by Bará.Mensageiro divine, guardian of temples, houses and cities. It is the owner of all doors, all keys and all paths. It is worshiped first in all the yards of African nation. Receives his offerings at the crossroads.
If you are confused, jobless, aimless, or want to perform any type of business cling to this Orisha, the Bara can give you the solution.
No yard of African tradition that has no Bara nesting there. He is the beginning and the end of it, until after the death of an initiate in religion, the first to receive the ritual is Bara.
Bara in Yoruba means strength; if well treated reacts favorably towards him who oferendou. Olorun Bara granted the privilege of receiving the offerings first. Without him our prayers would not be heard by any other Orisha, even in orum. Their symbols are the key, the current steel or iron coins. Their color is red. His offering consists of roasted corn, baked potatoes, popcorn, . palm oil The day of the week is Monday. Their number is 7. Their greeting: "alupo" or "lalupo".

The Batuque worshiped in the Rio Grande do Sul Baras are:
Bara Lode: Eshu Lode has his settlement made ​​outside the temple. Divide your address with Ogun Avagãn. It is the Orisha that maintains the structure of the temple; support of the terraces depends on Bara Lode.
Bara ADAGUE: Receives his offerings at the crossroads; Your settlement is done inside the temple; .'s one of the busiest, it makes the front of Ogun, Oya, Shango, Ode, Otim, Oba, and Ossãe Xapanã
Bara Lana: Works on cruises (crossroads). Have the same powers of Bara Adague. Also responds cruises bush.
Bara AJELÚ: This is what makes the exu front of the Orishas water, Oshun, and Yemanjá Oxalá.Além the epô (palm oil) is used honey in their offerings.


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